Part of our work as future forecasters includes developing key denim design details, silhouettes and washes up to 18 months in advance. While these are usually presented in a traditional trend report format, this season we collaborated with Artistic Milliners and Star Fades International to bring our FW24/25 Kingpins denim forecast to life. 

Pulling inspiration from multiple of our trend stories we leaned into ‘Avant Y2K’, an elevated and contemporary rendition of the noughties aesthetic including baggy boot cuts, overdyes and dirty tints with a neo-western hint. We also tapped ‘Underground’ and ‘Recession-Core’ which grounded the collection with a darker color palette, modernized workwear silhouettes and unisex centric fits.

Vertically integrated Pakistani mill Artistic Milliners opened up their LA based design center and wash house, Star Fades International in late 2020. Since opening their doors many local brands including EB Denim, Supreme and so many more have tapped the wash houses capabilities for not only their sustainable practices but also their team’s ability to execute elevated, innovative and out of the box finishes as well as perfect vintage replicas. 

Jaoquin and Sarah model DD x AM x SFI collection.
Baggy carpenter jean and dirty sprayed puddle jean.
Cropped, blackened indigo, workwear jacket.
Dirty sprayed puddle jean.

Sustainability is at the heart of every fashion conversation these days, however, there is a lesser mentioned side to the eco-conscious conversation. While sustainable technologies and production methods have progressed massively over the last decade, the processes needed to create some of today’s most exaggerated, eccentric and sought after surfaces, just aren’t there yet. A sentiment shared by many brands as the sustainability conversation becomes more transparent. 

Shredded, ombre wash collum skirt.
High contrast wash, trucker with oversized detailing. Finished using both Eco Stone, Enzyme Tint, Local Bleach Rag Rub (helps to reduce the amount needed) and PP spray to feather and smooth out the wash.
Overdyed puffer trucker jacket.
Overdyed puffer trucker jacket and dirty tinted, shredded column skirt.

As consumer knowledge around sustainable clothing grows, brands are forced to acknowledge that no one is 100% sustainable, and in order to improve collectively, we all have to be honest about the limitations and actively work towards reducing our environmental impact throughout the supply chain. So while we used the most sustainable processes when possible, PP spray and synthetic dyes were used to finish certain pieces. However, SFI’s facilities are equipped with state of the art water filtration and recycling systems needed to handle these processes in the most efficient, environmentally conscious way.

Techy popover and parachute pant, finished using Eco Stone and Ozone.
Techy parachute pants.

Keep scrolling to see the rest of our collection and head to instagram for more about the collaboration and some behind the scenes.

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