Twice a year we work with Kingpins trade show to create a bespoke future forecast for the denim industry. For FW24/25, we crafted a 4 story forecast, presented to designers and brands from every market segment who flock to the Kingpins show from all over the world. This season’s stories explore everything from the rise of AI design, the future of Y2K to mycelium infused textiles and more.

Here’s a look at the main cultural, consumer and creative drivers shaping the future of denim for FW24/25.

'Avant Y2K' cover page

Our first story ‘Avant Y2K’ explores mixed era styling, exaggerated wash details and distorted jeanswear silhouettes through the next generation of household name designers. When noughties started seeping back on the scene a few years ago, many thought, and hoped, it would remain a fad for no longer than a season or two. However, Gen Z has proven that while the literal interpretation of the era is evolving, its influence will continue to be refreshed and reinterpreted by a new generation of talent. Unconventional design details, spray washes and off-beat surfaces feel like a modern and elevated version of the very literal y2k influence we’ve seen over the last several seasons.

'Recession-Core' cover page

‘Recession-core’ is our second story. Whilst many consumers and brands alike are feeling the effects of a cost-of-living crisis, soaring inflation, and a potential impending recession, we see the onset of a consumer reaction mirroring the 2008 market crash that spawned Heritage… however this time with the fresh and feisty attitude of Generation Z. As perceptions around luxury change, there is an alluring appeal towards everyday quiet and considered design as an antidote to our relentless trend cycle and crazy fashion circus. But in contrast to 2008’s stuffier, waxed mustache-fuelled recession, Gen Z are approaching the rebellion with more humor, irony and memes, a look at Telfar’s accessible luxe ethos or the Lora Piana memes on Throwing Fits will prove.

'Synthetic' cover page

Our third story ‘Synthetic’ is the antithesis of ‘Recession Core.’ Driven by our growing relationship with technology, rapid development in AI and the merging of our IRL and URL lives; this story explores how technology is beginning to shape how we see the world. Digitally inspired surfaces and AI generated design drive modern-day aesthetics for online natives Gen-Z, and Gen-A: the next demographic succeeding them. While visually this story is bright, bold and conjures feelings of excitement for the future, it also deals with the duality of technology as we straddle the line between optimism and escapism. 

'Underground' cover page

Last but not least we have ‘Underground.’ This story explores the rejection of our current state of being by channeling the fear for humanity’s future into alternative solutions. And while one person may be too small to change things on their own, by embracing community, the power of nature and human ingenuity, we might have a chance. With rapid developments in AI, a cost of living crisis, and environmental instability, we’ve seemingly arrived in the era many dystopian films have warned us about. So what do we do when we feel the threat of impending doom? Apocalypse dressing of course! Creatives continue to draw inspiration from classic utility and military silhouettes, looking to darker and darker times to inspire more practical and protective solutions. As attitudes towards work culture, social systems and how we live our day to day lives continue to shift we see the rise of anti-influencers and ‘Failure Girls,’ acting as the antithesis to the glamorized, workaholic ‘girl bosses’ of the last decade. Bringing a sense of realness back into a hyper curated world, where it’s ok to be a human being, not a human doing.

Aiming to provide guidance for the entire industry from supply chain to consumer, the full 76-page report gives actionable insights into future silhouettes, wash, styling direction, brand strategy, consumer values and more. Head to Kingpins to download the full report. 

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