Name: Antonio Di Battista

Current job title/ position: Designer, Vintage Denim collector and founder of ‘Blue Blanket’ Jeans.

Specialty and Expertise: Finishing and wash expert, Denim historian.

What’s the thing that fascinates you about Denim?: “What I love about Denim is the feature of the Indigo fading, I like the fact that every single person creates his own fading depending on the life he leads and every single pair of worn jeans will be different from each other. Thats why I am fascinated with wash and laundry.

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Antonio started working for ITR based in the south of Italy in the late 80’s, at that time ITR produced all the Denim collections of the major Italian fashion brands. In the early 90’s he moved to the Sixty spa where worked for 10 years.
At this point he became a freelance denim consultant and started working with different European Denim brands and Denim Fabric producers until today.
In 2000 he launched his own Brand ‘BlueBlanket’ and continues to design Denim collections as freelance.
Since starting to work in the denim business 30 years ago, he has collected vintage Denim and has bought old Jeans from all over the world. Today he owns about 2000 piece of American Denim History.
He has published 3 Books named ‘My Archive’ 1 – 2 – 3
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Trend forecaster, denim designer, industry journalist and author of Denim Dudes.