Name: Will Bernard

Current job title/ position: Global Head of Denim Business Development

Specialty and Expertise: Branding and trim innovation.

Who is your style icon?¬†Having grown up with parents that sat me in front of Classic Hollywood movies from the 60’s the 70’s as opposed to sitting me in front of Kids TV when they needed a break I grew up being more familiar with the Hollywood elite as opposed to Blue Peter!¬† Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and James Dean all naturally and with what seemed like minimum effort oozed classic/timeless style. Steve McQueen in particular is a style icon that still today is relevant and unbelievably inspirational and really knew how to wear his denim.

Avery Dennison

Born and bred in South West London to RCA Alumni parents, Will’s dream of being a footballer quickly died and being surrounded by artists and designers his inevitable path led him to study Graphic Design at the London Institute. From there he worked with multiple UK High street stores as a graphic designer before finding himself at heritage brand Ben Sherman where his passion for the apparel industry and in particular denim started to take hold. In 2008 an opportunity with¬†Abercrombie¬†and Fitch and an exciting move to the US came up.¬† The experience working on a brand with such a rich history gave him a love off all things vintage and the history of jeans which has led to his current position as Global Director of Denim Business Development based out of LA.

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Trend forecaster, denim designer, industry journalist and author of Denim Dudes.