This post is a bit late going up because the morning after this party I got on a plane to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam then went to Hanoi and then Tokyo, Japan. I got back last night! Thats a great excuse, right? But I have been dying to post this re-cap because the night was phenomenal and I had such a blast. I wanted to thank the guys at Avery Dennison so much for their party throwing skills, blue tacos and denim cupcakes. I will only eat indigo food now.

Blue Jean Cupcakes

Look how much William from Avery Dennison and I are loving them!

*Genuine feelings

Also, massive thanks goes out to my other party pals; Orta Anadolu and Apholos, who made the denim bags and the hardware/ rims respectively. Some co-designed with my amazing contributor Daniel from Visla Graphics and Mikey, my tattoo artist friend.

Plaque by Apholos
My buds with their bags: look how happy they are!
DD logo trim, designed by Visla, made by Apholos
Sofia & Alvaro and 100’s of denim bags
Denim Dudes Scroll pin designed by Visla, made by Apholos

Avery Dennison also created heat-seal apliques for all the logos and graphics from the event, including the night’s invitation so people could create their own tee shirts, caps and of course bags.

Heat-seal letters by Avery Dennison
Friends using the heat press
Love this DD by Visla

And generally a bloody great time was had by everyone who came, including myself. I want to thank everyone for their involvement in the event, those who came, watched the trend presentation, ate, drank and added to the atmosphere and made the evening perfect. I wanted to give a special shout out to the below two people who helped me make the website a real, live beast. For that I will be forever grateful.

Sofia, Alvaro and myself: I owe these guys, big time

A few more photos of the guests and the party below, thanks to @556_photo

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