I’m sitting on yet another longhaul flight on my way to Hong Kong and Tokyo, trying to keep up with my writing, and with what’s been happening since Denim Dudettes first came out at the beginning of April. To launch the book in LA with A Current Affair was an absolute dream come true. When I first visited the leading vintage show a few years ago in New York I was totally blown away by the incredible dresses, designer label vintage and general fabulousness, and became a bit obsessed.

So to be able to work with the ACA team on curating April’s LA show and styling the mannequins, blew my tiny denim mind. It was also fun giving the high-end platform a tomboy twist and focusing on playful, everyday vintage denim looks as opposed to the normal opulence of A Current Affair.

My styled denim mannequins

A massive shout out to all the incredible vintage vendors and the fantastic denim pieces they bought to the show. And for turning up on the first day in an array of indigo! And of course to Richard and team for all their awesome help and support. It was an incredible event! Here are some photos, curtesy of A Current Affair of the denim weekend.

The ACA team and vendors
A detail of a mannequin
Me looking pleased with myself
Vest by Hopscotch Vintage
Incredible denim style at the show
Awesome jacket and flare combo
Dressed-up denim
One of the vendor’s embroidered denim jackets
Top tip: Don’t stand next to Kerri from Hellhound Vintage 😉
Three amazing dudettes from the book: Jamie, Liz and Kathleen
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