Bonum Japan is one of my favourite brands right now. I discovered them via the lovely Kelly Harrington on one of her Tokyo trips and the next time I headed out to Japan I made it my first mission to head to their store. The brand focusses on taking vintage and re-making to create new, something that many brands are experimenting with right now. But Bonum are doing it in a way that sets them aside from the rest. Its experimental, inventive and beautifully perfected.

I managed to convince them to share their story with us and my awesome videographer, Shima came with me as we chatted to Hideo Mori about the brand. Check it out below:

They have a store in Omotesando and have just opened a new one  in Shimokitazawa. The Omotesando store is opposite Starbucks, Chrome- 5-11-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku. Go check it out!


Cover photo, Ryan Lopez

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