A couple of weeks ago we headed to Desert & Denim for their annual gathering of like-minded makers. Held at the Institute of Mentalphysics, the event has become a bit like a denim family gathering that we look forward to every year. This year, with the new book out, we decided to turn the ‘cosmic campfire’ blue and host the pre-party. Armed with a couple of denim backdrops from our friends at The Fox Hole and Loren Denim and with ace photographer, Heidi Sproketz in tow, we shot all our favourite people in their double denim desert looks.

Thanks to Brandon Scott Herrell, Christian from Howl & Hide, Lauren Smith, The Caravan Outpost family, Seth from Red Clouds Collective, team Humboldt Legends, Dave Dewey from At Hand Leather, Paul and Sarah from PS Kaufman, Susie from Crawford Denim & Vintage, Luke from Bulldogge Books, Lady Cromer Jewellery, Ben Dulay, Ryan Lopez And Anastasia Digiallonardo, Hannah Pfahl, Erin Berman from Water & Bird, Shana from Trust Fund 21, Britt Murphy and Lucy Propst from Timex, Jenna Baucke from Jalama, Thomas from One Feather Press, Lindsey and Josh from Last Chance Textiles, Jada & Jon, Elizabeth Kokesh, Kristen Gregerson, The Bradley Mountain crew, Alyssa Bachran, and Anna Warren.

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