Its been a busy year with tons of travel. I’ve made a new hashtag on my instagram feed for all the surface and fabric inspiration I’ve seen on my travels and thought I’d share a few of the fave images here. For the full collection take a look at #denimdudesfabricinspiration¬†Here’s some of the highlights:

Black Peony’s Burn-out denim, Kingpins New York, November 2017


Radiall Indigo Plastic Engineer Jacket November 2017, Tokyo


Knitdigo, from Hong Kong, at Kingpins New York November 2017


I.T Hong Kong, as seen in Guangzhou, China September 2017


Japan Blue Jeans as seen at Man Woman show in New York, July 2017


Hideki Takahashi for CCN Denim Official,at Kingpins New York, November 2017


Maurizio Donadi’s private collection, Los Angeles 2017


Kings of Indigo at Denim Days New York, September 2017


Soulive, Japan at Man Woman New York, July 2017


Denim Dudes, Furgus Purcell, hand stitched jacket, London


inTech, Hong Kong Digitally Printed Silk


Grace Warland with Candiani, Piero Turk and Tonello, Amsterdam, April 2017


496 Fabriclab, Taiwan as seen at Kingpins Amsterdam October
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