Sai Hon works at Hypebeast as an editor in Hong Kong. I met him a year ago at my Denim Dudettes book launch. He was wearing all indigo which is no crazy thing at a denim event but then I found out through my friend Kenji that he looks like this every single day. Because Sai only wears the colour blue.

After a year of following his indigo-heavy instagram and generally obsessing, I was due to head to HK again so thought I should share this indigo guy’s story; what he loves about the colour blue, when he started dressing this way and what it means to him. After some light googling I found the perfect place to meet: the Lok Wan Estate parking lot roof, a mecca for influencers to take that perfect blue shot. Sai was gonna take it next level.

I bought along my mate Daniel to shoot stills and Jen to shoot video and we got down to chatting.


Sai Hon at the Lok Wan estate, Hong Kong. Photo by Daniel Murray

Amy: What did you wear as a child?

“When I was a child I tried to wear just a few colours: mostly red, white and grey. Sometimes blue but just a few colours in general. I wore a lot of oversized tees, sporty tees, etc. I was more colorful in my teenage years but when I started working in media in 2011 I ended up wearing only black and white. At that time black was very popular.

And then the company adopted more interest in Japanese styles and the editor gave me some Japanese magazines to read. I discovered Popeye magazine and in 2012 I tried to learn more about Japanese style and I noticed that a lot of people wore outfits in only one tone. I started thinking ‘If I wear only wear one colour everyday, this could be my hobby’


Blue on blue at Lok Wan. Photo by Daniel Murray

Amy: You’re also a bit obsessed with sneakers and wear white to accentuate the contrast to make the sneakers stand out. Tell me about your sneaker obsession.

I can’t wear leather shoes, they are too uncomfortable, so I only wear sneakers. When I started to wear the one tone colour I started to buy more and more blue sneakers. I have around 100 blue sneakers in my collection now. My favourite sneaker is my Maison Mihara Yasuhiro x Nigel Cabourn shoe. It’s pretty rare and I was so lucky they released it in blue!


If a sneaker is released in white, Sai will indigo dye it. Photo by Daniel Murray
Sai and just some of his blue wardrobe, photo by Daniel Murray

Amy: And then what about the tattoos?

I had the smiley face first. I had this smiley face keychain but I lost it so I got it tattooed on my arm. Then I started thinking about adding characters to my arm; I wanted to tattoo more and more blue characters to my arm so I added Mister Bump and Donald Duck. Actually tonight I will tattoo the Cookie Monster or the Genie. I think blue is already in my blood. Maybe the tattoos are seeping into my skin!

Amy: What’s your favourite brand?

My favourite brands are Blue Blue Japan and Kapital.

Amy: And your favourite shade of blue?

I wear navy blue and darker blues in winter and in the summer I wear brighter royal blues and sky blues.


Three shades of indigo: Sai’s Supreme cap collection. Photo by Daniel Murray

Can you explain why you wear all one colour? What’s behind it?

Have you heard of Feng Shui? Well, I was born in November. Some people say if you are born in the winter season then I should wear warmer colours to balance it out but I don’t care about Feng shui so I wear blue anyway! I feel more comfortable in cold colours, I think I have a blue soul inside! Part of it is that I try to create something and I see it as a challenge. But also it just makes me feel happy.

I think they are kidding but a lot of the crowd in the media circle here they sometimes call me blue god.

It was way too hot for this Kapital cardigan but Sai is an indigo God, photo by Daniel Murray
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