Name: Olivier Grasset

Current job title/ position: Founder & Designer of Dr.Collectors

Specialty and Expertise: “Indigo dying. Our family were the first in the U.S to start indigo dying in the backyard of the Hollywood hills and incorporate indigo into everything we do”

Your favorite denim store in the world: “It has to be OKURA in Daikanyama, Tokyo.  The first time I visited this store was in 83 or 85. It was the first store that was all hand made by the owner & this staff. They sell only 1 color: Blue. Today they sell Dr.Collectors”

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Resume Highlights: 

Olivier began his career in February 1980 in a small city of Provence, France called Orange. He opened a store named Edward selling Deadstock LEvis & Vintage Big E LEvis from the 60’s. He sold to Mark Wertz (American Rag Vintage Lovers) in Monte Carlo. 40 Year’s later they have a store called Trading Post on the same street in Los Angeles.

He started to design in 83 for a Denim Company called Liberto, the first company to use Stone Wash Made in France. After 3 Years he moved to famed French brand Chipie, a name very famous in the 90’s in Japan. After 15 years he quit the company when the owner Jean Michel Signoles sold.

In 2000 he opened a design office and 12 years ago all the family moved to LA. They started Dr.Collectors in 2010 with Bags & Scarves.

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Trend forecaster, denim designer, industry journalist and author of Denim Dudes.